Presentation at the Klinik-IT-Forum, Berlin (November 24, 2005)—At the Klinik-IT-Forum in Berlin/Germany, our CEO and Scientific Head, Professor Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, gave an invited talk on "Knowledge-based systems for medical decision support".

Rheumexpert as Part of INNOMED's Medical Practice Software (September 1, 2004)—The medical expert system Rheumexpert was connected to INNOMED's medical practice software. INNOMED Gesellschaft für Medizinische Softwareanwendungen GmbH, Wiener Neudorf, Austria, will provide software solutions for physicians' offices. Rheumexpert, a program to support differential diagnosis in rheumatology, was developed in a cooperative effort by ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH and Medexter Computersysteme.

Medical Expert System Rheumexpert (April 29, 2004)—ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH and Medexter Computersysteme have signed a cooperative agreement concerning the development and marketing of Rheumexpert. Rheumexpert is a medical expert system to support differential diagnosis in rheumatology, to be used by general practitioners. Based on Medexter's knowledge base and inference mechanisms for Rheumexpert, ARC Seibersdorf will develop the software program and connect it to medical practice software systems.

Formation of Medexter Computersysteme GmbH, Vienna (August 27, 2002)Medexter Computersysteme GmbH was founded in 2002 to broadly disseminate intelligent medical systems with clinically proven usefulness. As a Medical University of Vienna spin-off, the company was co-founded by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, who has been doing research on computer-assisted diagnosis and therapy, medical expert systems, and clinical decisions support for almost 26 years.



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