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The ARDENSUITE clinical decision support (CDS) technology platform aims at providing clinicians and other medical personnel in your hospital with highly efficient medical-knowledge-based support in their daily decision-making processes. Its CDS is patient-specific, as it is based on a person’s latest data. For quality management and study support, it can be extended to population-specific analyses. 

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Unique and versatile solution

The ArdenSuite technology platform is a highly innovative and unique CDS solution: It has been developed for clinical contexts and is thus specifically tailored to meet the requirements needed to support doctors and medical staff in their daily work. Its clinical knowledge components are written in Arden Syntax, an established medical knowledge representation and processing language that is an up-to-date HL7 International industry standard and continuously improved and certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The software based on this standardized syntax is applicable in every medical discipline. Initially without specific clinical content, it represents a highly flexible and versatile platform, waiting to be applied to medical tasks or to solve specific clinical problems, when endowed with proper clinical knowledge.

Integration in EMRs

Integrated in or connected with electronic medical record (EMR) systems like Cerner‘s, Epic, Philips‘ ICCA, Dräger‘s ICM, or others, the ArdenSuite accesses the system’s medical data and applies rules or procedures to this data. The algorithms derive primarily from clinical expert knowledge or from collections of medical data. They are written in Arden Syntax and stored in medical logic modules (MLMs). In close cooperation with clinical experts, these MLMs are constantly being developed by Medexter’s development team as well as on-site by hospitals using the ArdenSuite as their development tool, meeting site-specific requirements.

Fuzzy Logic Feature

A powerful feature of the ArdenSuite is its possibility to additionally accommodate the high degree of uncertainty often found in real-life medicine. Due to the integration of fuzzy concepts, linguistic as well as propositional uncertainty can be taken into account. The implementation of fuzzy concepts is a globally unrivaled feature, as it allows to model human decision-making processes more closely to the circumstances of patient-care medicine than conventional CDS systems, which only allow simple yes/no outcome results.

ArdenSuite Implementation

Medexter’s ARDENSUITE CDS solution includes implementation concepts in three areas:

1. The ARDENSUITE platform

2. Medical content in the form of MLM medical knowledge packages

3. User interfaces

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ArdenSuite Platform

The ARDENSUITE platform has three components, which can be used together or individually:

A simple and intuitive development environment, the ARDENSUITE IDE was specifically designed to meet your needs when writing and compiling medical logic modules (MLMs) in Arden Syntax. The compiled modules can then be tested in the integrated test environment. In combination with an ARDENSUITEe server—a tool for functional MLM management—entire knowledge bases can be build and administrated.

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The ArdenSuite Server

We developed the ARDENSUITE Engine, which executes so called medical logic modules (MLMs) written in Arden Syntax. The ARDENSUITE Server is built around this engine to enable service-oriented access for arbitrary client applications. With the ARDENSUITE Server we are proud to present the key solution for MLM routine processing and—last but not least—stress-free MLM management. Practical features such as user management, MLM management, and the implementation of standardized interfaces (e.g., REST, SOAP) contribute to convenient and efficient knowledge base maintenance.

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icon pdf  System Requirements
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Database Connector for the ArdenSuite Server

Our Database Connector serves as an add-on for the ARDENSUITE Server and provides access to external databases (e.g., SQL) from within an MLM. With this tool, connections to various databases can be defined and stored directly in the ARDENSUITE Server. Thus, the Database Connector provides a practical overview on all possible data sources and even the possibility to easily switch between them, facilitating the management of database connections significantly.

Reference Installations

At locations where our CDS solution is implemented, ARDENSUITEs are integrated in or connected with the EMR systems and use structured data as input. In Austria’s largest University Hospital (about 2 100 beds) in Vienna, runs as EMR system with the ARDENSUITE as integrated CDS solution. At the University of Colorado Health System, U.S.A., the ARDENSUITE has been integrated into Epic in several hospitals, and at the University Hospital Erlangen, Germany, the ARDENSUITE is connected with Dräger’s intensive care solution ICM.

Further Information

Detailed information regarding licenses, training courses, and recent scientific publications can be found on the following pages:

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