ArdenSuite Components

ArdenSuite integrated development and test environment (IDE)

A simple and intuitive development environment, the ArdenSuite IDE was specifically designed to meet your needs when writing and compiling medical logic modules (MLMs) in Arden Syntax. The compiled modules can then be tested in the integrated test environment. In combination with an ArdenSuite server—a tool for functional MLM management—entire knowledge bases can be build and administrated.

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ArdenSuite server

We developed the ArdenSuite engine, which executes so called medical logic modules (MLMs) written in Arden Syntax. The ArdenSuite server is built around this engine to enable service-oriented access for arbitrary client applications. With the ArdenSuiteserver we are proud to present the key solution for MLM routine processing and—last but not least—stress-free MLM management. Practical features such as user management, MLM management, and the implementation of standardized interfaces (e.g., REST, SOAP) contribute to convenient and efficient knowledge base maintenance.

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ArdenSuite server connector

Our server connector serves as an add-on for the ArdenSuiteserver and provides access to external databases (e.g., SQL) from within an MLM. With this tool, connections to various databases can be defined and stored directly in the ArdenSuiteserver. Thus, the server connector provides a practical overview on all possible data sources and even the possibility to easily switch between them, facilitating the management of database connections significantly.

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