ArdenSuite Server Release Notes

ArdenSuite Server 3.5
New Features
  • Connector to FHIR resources available
  • ArdenSuite Extension for BPMN software Activiti available
  • ArdenSuite Server 30-day trial version available
  • Improved usability
  • Improved menu layout
  • User interface touch-up
  • New ArdenSuite support pages
  • How-to instruction manuals on how to (1) call MLMs with REST and SOAP, (2) connect to databases, (3) connect to FHIR resources, and (4) extend with Activiti workflow engine
Technical Improvements
  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Simplified license management
  • Improved user feedback for exception handling
  • Bug fixes
ArdenSuite Server 3.4
What's new?
  • New user interface
  • License activation
  • Improved MLM package management
What's fixed?
  • Improved error messaging
  • Database disconnecting problem fixed
  • Improved stability
  • Some other bugs fixed
ArdenSuite Server 3.3

PLEASE NOTE: To upgrade from any previous Arden Syntax server version (and preserve your existing settings), we recommend to read the following step-by-step migration guide:

  • New feature: Plugin-handler for future server extensions
  • New feature: Backup capability
  • Extended user management
  • Access to external interfaces (REST/SOAP) can be configured using the user management
ArdenSuite Server 3.2
  • Database connector component: Evaluate curly brace expressions using a configurable database connection
  • REST interface for MLM and event calls
  • Simple REST-based information pages about uploaded MLMs
  • Rework of the web front end user interface
ArdenSuite Server 3.1
  • Support of Arden Syntax version 2.8
  • Support of Arden Syntax version 2.9
  • Updated handling of deleted MLMs
  • REST interface as an alternative to the XML-SOAP interface


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