ArdenSuite IDE Release Notes

ArdenSuite IDE 2.7
What's new?
  • New ArdenSuite support pages
  • How-to instruction manual on how to compile and deploy MLMs
  • Revised license activation
  • Improved installation process
  • Redesigned file handling workflows
  • New copy/paste functionality
  • Enhanced search function
  • User settings and log files stored in user profile
What's fixed?
  • Issues resolved concerning file handling, exporting, compiling
  • Some other bugs fixed
ArdenSuite IDE 2.6

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a major update, we recommend that MLMs compiled with previous versions of the ArdenSuite IDE be recompiled with the new IDE version. This is recommended in addition to updating the Arden Syntax server as well as the ArdenSuite IDE.

  • Bug fixes in IDE, compiler, and engine
  • Rework of internal If-Then-Else handling
ArdenSuite IDE 2.5
  • ArdenML (XML) support: Convert ArdenML files into Arden Syntax MLMs
  • ArdenML (XML) support: Convert Arden Syntax MLMs into ArdenML files
  • New dialog for creating new MLMs
  • Simplified activation procedure
  • Support for remote connector testing (configurable with command line parameters)
ArdenSuite IDE 2.4
  • Support of Arden Syntax version 2.8 (including the user-requested operator "as Time")
  • Support of Arden Syntax version 2.9 (including fuzzy operators)
  • Complete rework of the editor component (including auto complete, better highlighting, snippets, and others)
  • Support for remote connector testing (still configurable with command line parameters)


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