Identification, monitoring, and reporting of healthcare-associated infections


Moni (Monitoring of Nosocomial Infections) is a fully-automated, knowledge-based surveillance tool for identification, monitoring and reporting of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections in intensive care units (ICUs). The software—including its knowledge base—was developed in close cooperation with clinical experts and uses standardized infection surveillance criteria for adult as well as neonatal patients. In its ability to recognize infections early and—due to the integration of fuzzy logic—to include borderline cases, Moni can highly contribute to a hospital's quality assurance and its patients' safety.

  • Features
    • available in German and English
    • incorporate fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic for borderline cases
    • cockpit surveillance with day-by-day infection episode dashboard display
    • optional: additional system as study system with separate data import for research tasks
  • Data import and export
    • data sources are PDMSs and LISs; continous, time-, or event-triggered data import
    • extended export of surveillance results for quality measurement, reporting and benchmarking
  • Software configurable for
    • infection control teams/departments
    • control posts for ICU and NICU wards
    • bedside applications at ICU and NICU beds
  • Technical solutions
    • service-oriented architecture, Web application
    • medical knowledge representation and rule-engine software based on Arden Syntax, an approved Health Level Seven (HL7) International and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard
  • for adult ICU patients
  • knowledge base is adapted from European CDC surveillance criteria, Stockholm, Sweden, and, alternatively, from surveillance criteria published by CDC, Atlanta, U.S.A. and ITS-KISS, NRZ Berlin, Germany, resp.
  • optional: several parallel knowledge bases in one application possible
  • for neonatal ICU patients
  • knowledge base is adapted from NEO-KISS, NRZ Berlin, Germany, surveillance criteria

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