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Microbiology Analytics and Patient-Oriented Allround Tool

We are proud to present Momo version 3, the latest version of our comprehensive analytics and clinical software for microbiology. Use Momo for queries on pathogen occurrence, frequencies and trends, and get the full antimicrobial resistance (AMR) situation with just one click—for single patients, wards, departments, or entire hospitals. Quality reporting was never this easy with our benchmarking templates. Momo conveniently imports the relevant information from the connected laboratory information system. It allows data import from one or more microbiological data sources.

Customizable Queries

Momo provides clear, reliable information on the occurrence of pathogens in all areas of your hospital. Define routine and individual queries on bacteria, fungi, PCR, serology, and other microbiology results as well as QM data. Search for specific pathogens, departments, materials, or define custom-queries to answer your specific questions—all the data available in the laboratory information system can be used by Momo. Momo's new feature QuickScan gives the clinical user an immediate survey on the individual patient's positive findings.

Get AMR Profiles Fast

With just one click, Momo displays the complete AMR pattern for each pathogen, thus helping to optimize therapy and prevent harm, especially in patients affected by multidrug resistant bacteria (e.g., MRSA, VRE, 3,4 MRGN, MDR-TB). Following the S-I-R model, even borderline cases of antimicrobial resistances are indicated. Use this technology to prevent outbreaks of multidrug-resistant pathogens, save time, costs, and—ultimately—lives.

Allround Analytics Tool with Benchmarking Support

Have the full pathogen overview of all departments using Momo in the hospital hygiene department or be aware of all pathogens and AMR patterns in your ward as head of department. Send customized clinical and/or administrative reports to the hospital administration or use Momo's benchmarking templates for reporting to national (e.g., the yearly official Austrian Resistance Report AURES) or international (e.g., The European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network EARS-Net) benchmarking networks.

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