About Medexter Healthcare

Medexter Healthcare develops and globally markets highly innovative artificial intelligence solutions for clinical decision support with clinically proven benefits for patients and institutions.

The Company

Medexter Healthcare provides highly innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for clinical decision support (CDS) for the entire healthcare sector. Our portfolio includes a flexible CDS technology platform, customized clinical content, as well as application-ready, clinically relevant solutions for hospitals, medical practices, as web-based services, and as mobile apps.

Our goal is to improve quality and safety in patient care by integrating intelligent clinical decision support. Our software is based on the latest version of Arden Syntax, an HL7 International standard and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). With our application-ready, fully automated clinical solutions, we are able to give doctors more time for patient care, reduce costs, and increase patient safety significantly. Ready-to-use software or developing their own unique CDS with our ArdenSuite—we provide full implementation service and support our customers every step of the way.

Our ArdenSuite CDS technology platform is a component-based solution that can be applied to any clinical problem in any medical discipline. Furthermore, our portfolio includes medical content packages and customized medical content for your hospital’s specific clinical tasks, as well as application-ready clinical solutions. Our clinical solutions can be applied for automated monitoring and reporting of healthcare-associated infections, monitoring of microorganisms and antimicrobial resistance patterns, laboratory test result interpretation, differential diagnosis and therapy advice, and more. Medexter’s software is knowledge- and evidence-based and has clinically proven benefits for patients, clinicians, and healthcare institutions.

We offer certified medical device software in accordance with EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC, and we voluntarily commit ourselves to develop all of our products in accordance with IEC 62304 and IEC 62366. These standards mean that our products adhere to the usability and life cycle requirements for medical devices. Furthermore, our products are DIN EN ISO 13485 certified, specifying that our quality management system meets all necessary regulatory requirements to produce medical devices, including an accompanying risk analysis through every step of the development and post-market-surveillance process.

The Founder

Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, PhD, MSc, is Fellow of the American Medical Informatics Association (FACMI) and Fellow of the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (FIAHSI). Adlassnig developed his passion for innovative software in clinical medicine, especially for clinical decision support and artificial intelligence in medicine, early on in his career. As professor for Clinical Informatics at the Medical University of Vienna, his main pursuit has been to establish artificial intelligence and decision support systems for various areas of clinical practice. As CEO and Scientific Director of Medexter Healthcare, he successfully puts these solutions on the market and into patient care.

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